What is an eCig?

An eCig is battery powered personal vaporizer that gives a user the impression of smoking.  An eCig may be filed with a flavored eLiquid which can contain nicotine.  All electronic cigarette devices do not burn the e-liquid, but rather, emit a flavored water vapor or fog.

What is a Starter Kit?

A package of electronic vaping devices that will provide you with everything you need to vape daily.  For the smoker aspiring to switch to vaping nicotine eJuices, there are several kits to suit any budget.  For the novice vaper:  1.The Innokin CLK 800  2. The Aspire Standard & Premium Kits  3. Create Your VAPE Kit  with the many ecig batteries or box mods.     The units are partially charged upon purchase, so you may leave the store vaping.

Ideal Vapes is happy to educate those new to vaping on the benefits of using a starter kit. We carry products by Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, Kangertech, Joytech and more for the vaping enthusiast.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Battery?

Approximately 1.5-3 hours.

What is the Life-Span of the Consumable Components of an eCig?

Atomizers: Atomizer wicks can function efficiently for 10 -15 days for the average to heavy vaping user.  Vapers quickly learn to extend the life expectancy of coils with proper care & maintenance of their unit and only choosing quality eJucies with minimal colouring and additives.

Battery: Daily battery life span lasts 6-18 hours, depending on frequency of use, voltage/wattage settings and the “mah” capacity of the battery.  (mah stands for milli Ampere hour or milli Amp hour.  It is a measure of a battery’s energy storage capacity). If you think of a battery as a fuel storage tank, which in a sense it is, mah a measure of how much fuel the battery holds.

What are the Ingredients in an eJuice?

The main ingredients are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) , natural or organic flavour extract, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and distilled water. 

What am I Inhaling?

A water-based flavoured vapour with or without nicotine.  The vapour from an electronic cigarette is completely carbon monoxide free because there is no smoke or ash.

What eJuice does Ideal Vapes Sell? 

We carry an assortment of Gold Seal Premium eLiquids, Maven Liquids, Vaporus, Exclusive eJuices and Dr. Fog. Each line is Canadian   Each company has high standards; using natural, organic flavour extracts. The VG and PG juice base is 100% FDA approved and contains nicotine. There are 5 flavour categories: food, candy, drinks, fruit and tobacco.

Are there any warranty stipulations? 

All sales are final. Defective products can be returned to our store location, and we will send the item to the wholesaler ourselves.  GREENLANE 1-877-559-0967.  You require your receipt & the serial number of product to be returned.


Legally, one must be 19 in Canada to purchase nicotine products.


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