Grounding Gaia

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Ingredients: catnip, wild lettuce, lemon balm, ashwagandha, st.john’s wort

Life as a tree: rooted, tall, strong, flexible and unconditionally giving of itself to help others live in harmony. Can you imagine BEING your favorite tree?

Grounding Gaia: Strengthen Body-Earth Alignment is a master meditation blend. The earthy aroma invites your mind to venture into the sacred forest. The herb combination is designed to rest the body, to lift your being and optimize your meditation practice. What a wonderful way to feel energized by Nature’s medicine.

Grounding Gaia

Aroma: Gentle citrus
Flavour: Earthy
Value: Master blend for meditation state
Energy: Root – trust in self and support system
Intention: Strengthen Body-Earth Alignment
As Tea: Medium colour, steep well
As Vape: Pure- Immediate breath awareness, little visible vapor
With Cannabis – excellent
Partners Well with: Silent Sleep

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3g, 7g


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