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Keep it simple with this no-flavouring-added option.

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1 review for Naked

  1. Jenny

    I love Naked! The juice….ok, not just the juice, but that isn’t a story for here. Anyway, I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes….i live smoking but hated the smell, and my family hated it too. I bought a vase just over a week ago and decided to go with Naked. It’s great. No smell (which makes my family happy) and no technical flavour….BUT I found that it perfectly matched all that I wanted. It still gave me the hit at the back of my throat and didn’t fill my house, car or clothes with any foreign scent. I love it. I am almost out and will definitely be back for more. Thank you ideal vapes…its been 9 days and I honestly havnt even felt the desire to have a real smoke. I can’t even believe it. Cheers! Jenny

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