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Ingredients: blue lotus, passion flower, lavender, ashwagandha, skullcap, spearmint

Love knows no limits. If only the mind could believe this to be true!

Pro Passion: Open to Life’s Pleasures offers herbs of elegance and sensual aroma. This blend is designed to captivate the senses, arouse the body and invite the mind to love life.

Aroma: Exotic fragrance
Flavour: Full-Bodied Sweetness
Value: Aphrodisiac, stress release stimulant
Energy: Root energy is channeled to express healthy sacral energy flow
Intention: Open to Life’s Pleasure
As Tea: Medium-dark colour, steep well
As Vape: Pure- fragrant lavender vapor
With Cannabis – excellent
Partners Well with: Soaring Spirit

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3g, 7g


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