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Smok Alien Description

The SMOK Alien box mod is similar in size, shape, and power output to the Sigelei 213 and the P4U iPV 6/6X mods. They differ in cosmetic designs, regulating chips, display screens, and menu navigation, but all three are more alike than dissimilar overall. The relatively compact, oblong cylindrical shape — essentially a box with curved sides and flat top and a hinged battery door on the flat bottom — is currently popular among Chinese mod makers.

The large OLED display above the rhomboid-shaped adjustment buttons is clear and contains a wealth of information — more than on most mods — but the layout, graphic design, and font sizes make the display seem a little cluttered. The Alien uses a long firing bar on one side that is contoured to the shape of the mod case and triggered by pressing the top of the bar. The firing bar accommodates either thumb or trigger firing and has a short throw, but the push is a bit stiff (more than on SMOK’s H-Priv mod), so the pressure required to activate firing is more than for some button-fired mods.

Performance is up to the standards vapers have come to expect from current-generation, higher-power box mods. Firing is instantaneous in all modes and adjustable for hard, soft, or standard initial ramp-up. Temp control is accurate and works well, with fine-tuning TCR adjustability for all three common TC wire types (nickel, titanium, and stainless steel). Navigation of the menu system is sufficiently straightforward and simple that someone other than a techno-geek can operate it easily (i.e., a normal person). Power output may be slightly overrated, but that’s typical of nearly all mod-makers, and quibbling over a few watts at 200+ is irrelevant for the vast majority of vapers, for whom the limits of the Alien’s power output will never even be approached.

Actual vaping performance is very good. Any long-term issues of reliability or durability will take time to arise and be assessed, but current chip technology and manufacturing standards are considerably higher than a year or two ago, so prospects are improved for a long life of superior performance.

Consider checking out the official Smok website for more details and information.


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