Soaring Spirit

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Ingredients: red clover leaf blossoms, damiana, rose petals, blue lotus, mugwort

Is it a thought or a feeling? Which gives rise to your creation, purpose or service?

Soaring Spirit: Dance the Inspiration herbal ingredients balance the masculine and feminine energies. Intuition and inspiration serve to discover your talents and treasures, but to realize life dreams the mind needs to break free and feel the freedom from limitations!

Aroma: Light, spring meadow scent
Flavour: Fruity & Floral
Value: Soothes, Stimulates Creativity
Energy: Gates Crown Spiritual energy to the Third Eye
Intention: Dance the Inspiration
As Tea: Medium-Dark colour, steep well
As Vape: Pure- fragrant rose, little vapor
With Cannabis – excellent
Partners Well with: Pro Passion

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